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Business Transformation

Array Consultancy Services offers Business Transformation consulting & implementation services which align people, process and technology of an organization to its business strategy and operational requirements, so that businesses meet their objectives in the short, medium and long term. Our experienced and knowledgeable team in the field of business transformation assesses the current state of the business, maps & defines their processes, simulates & identifies key success drivers, analyzes the organizational design, identifies cost reduction opportunities and delivers them through a robust change methodology. Our in-depth domain knowledge helps us understand the challenges of businesses across multiple verticals and functions. This allows us to provide end to end consulting and business transformation support to clients

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Business Transformation Case Study


Business Transformation

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Achieving project efficiency and benefits requires strong business transformation and management processes. Investments made in transformation structures is often recovered many times over through the strong integration of process, people, the organisation, technology with the overall BUSINESS. Creating synergy after all is critical.


Value addition or value enhancement should be at the very essence of every business proposition.


Are we possibly stating the obvious - but how many projects really achieve their desired integration?


Research shows that around 70%* of all IT related projects fail to deliver the desired benefits that it had set out to achieve, thereby eroding the basic business proposition of the project and diminishing shareholder value. Lack of proper business planning and the inability to integrate programmes to business outcomes are some of the key reasons for this high failure rate. This is true for both technology and non technology enabled transformation projects.

Businesses are unique and often a one size fits all methodology does not work across industries. Our consultants through their years of working on major transformation projects both internationally and locally have identified key steps that help businesses travel the journey of transformation successfully.



Key Steps & Methodology
Key steps which we can assist with to deliver the necessary business transformation include;

  • Defining Business Drivers
  • Organisational Redesign
  • Business Process Redesign & cost management
  • Stakeholder  Engagement
  • Achieving Benefits



Outputs / Benefits

Defining Business Drivers
Projects and programmes are often delivered as stand alone activities rather than integrating it with an organisations overall business strategy. The business objectives and drivers are overlooked resulting in projects and programmes failing to deliver the required benefits.
We help clients define their business strategy, align project objectives to the overall business strategy and ensure that appropriate synergies are achieved while delivering tangible business benefits.
* Network Performance Daily Jan 02, 2008


Organisational Redesign
No transformation can be achieved fully if the organisation is not designed to leverage that change. Be it a technology enabled transformation or an operational change strategy, the objectives will be missed and the transformation will fail unless the organisation is redesigned to provide the necessary flexibility.
We work closely with clients and help them to design/redesign their organisational structure to enable them to manage and accommodate the impending transformation.

Business Process Redesign & costs  management
Generally, people work either instinctively or on a “My-Wish” rather than an “As-Is” basis. This leads to non standardisation of outcomes and cost overruns. Understanding and mapping processes is a key element to operational effectiveness and standardisation of outputs.
Through our expertise in BPR/BPM we support businesses to map their activities accurately, identify costs involved in the activity, support continuous process improvements and reduce costs.

Stakeholder Engagement
People transact with other people and businesses are run by people. Unfortunately, lack of stakeholder engagement is often the single most important reason for delays in project implementation and cost overruns.
Our stakeholder engagement and change management process is based on creating a transparent and cohesive business model where stakeholders beyond the programme sponsors and leaders are made part of the overall engagement, communicated to and engaged at all levels.

Achieving Benefits
 All programmes and projects need to deliver benefits for the business. It is essential that businesses have a mechanism to identify and manage benefits over the short, medium and long term.
A key element of our business transformation methodology is to help businesses identify and deliver programme generated benefits, which could be tangible or intangible in nature. Understanding the return of investment and managing them is potentially the most important aspect of any business venture.